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Harmful Exercises For Increasing The Penile Size

One should not be cautious about the size of penis and should do unauthentic exercise to enlarge the penile size other wise irreversible harms could be generated and a person may lose some thing in spite of gaining.
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My penile size is much less. My friend advised me to enlarge the penile size and to increase its thickness; I should apply tightly a thick rubber strip around the root of penis. He also told me that completely filled urinary bladder also increases the sexual desire and therefore a man could get good erection. How much this thing is true? 


This is absolutely lethal and dangerous to enlarge the penile size by using the rubber strip. Due to this act, the vessels inside the penis that maintains the blood flow could rupture, therefore the blood would be clotted in these vessels by virtue of which penis gets erection. If this would happen then the erection would be lost permanently and a man would become impotent. 

Now come to harms and benefits for fully filled urinary bladder. It could be possible that due to it, erection would happen, however; remember due to this foolish act, the kidneys could be badly impacted. Early morning erection is basically due to the pressure on penis exerted by the fully filled bladder since it has not been emptied the whole night. Remember there is no importance of either small or enlarged penile size.

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