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Rough Penile Skin And Veins Swelling - Is That A Problem

Penis is a bone less structure and the penile skin is naturally loosened. Also it possesses swelling of veins which are basically prominent veins on penile skin. These are not the sign of any lethal illness.
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I think that I have some fault in my penis. Therefore; I don't have slippery penile skin as opposite to the normal penile skin, and my penile skin has got a lot of bluish veins swelling which are much prominent. Whether I have been suffering from any lethal illness? 


Penis is a boneless structure. It has loose superficial  penile skin since during erection the skin has to be stretched and got tension. It is too much loose naturally, that it could be lifted by a finger pinch. All of the body organs possess two types of blood vessels. Those that bring away the blood form heart to the other regions of the body. These vessels are called as arteries. On the contrary, there are some other vessels called as veins that bring back the blood form the body parts to the heart. 

Veins are found near to surface, however; the arteries are found in much depth. Therefore; the veins visualized easily at the loose penile skin and on the back of penis, as like as they are seen on the back of feet and hands.

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