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Whether Penis Transplantation And Prosthesis is Possible?

There are different types of penis transplantation, prothesis and implants have been tried till so far. However; these transplantation, prosthesis and implants have not been successful till so far.
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In the era of transfer of organs, whether the penis could be changed or not? Whether the weakness of penile erection could be corrected via surgery? 


Whenever any organ leave to perform perfectly, then the similar organ is transplanted either after taking from a donor or cadaver. Different factors are considered in this process. 

Up till now, the successfully transplanted organs or the part of organs are lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys etc. Till so far, the attempts to transplant the penis has not been done, however; in case of self cutting or accidental lose of penis, transplantation of penis was done at different occasions but the result remain unsuccessful. 

The erectile weakness of penis could be corrected by psychiatric way of treatment, however; in case of total impotence which happens due to certain disease and where there is no way out of this problem, an artificial penis is applied with surgery. 

These changes are of two types. 

1.      Hard or semi solid

2.      Inflatable 

With the first method, organ remains prominent since it remains erected due to hardness all the time. Therefore; this method is now out of practice. In semi solid implants, finny hinged penile prosthesis or Jonas Silver prosthesis are common. The first type could be fold in direction, while the second type could be fold in any direction. 

The inflatable type is the most advanced form of semisolid prosthesis. In this method the penis is made erected via liquid material inside. This liquid remains stored in a reservoir that according to the need is used to erect the penis. This operation possesses 90% success rate. 

Previously a bone graft or chip had been implanted in side the penis but this method is out of practice since long time before. The reason is that, the piece of bone absorbed in the body, the penis become disfigured and useless. 

The penis's implants or transplants could only be applicable when there would be no benefit of any other method.

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