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Would It Be There Any Problem In Sex Satisfaction With Tilted Pennis (Penis)?

During erection slight tilted penis (pennis)is not a big problem. Majority of men possess slight tilting in penis (pennis) at the time of erection and intercourse due to the weight of the penis (pennis).
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My age is 21 years and my marriage is near. My problem is that, when I feel erection in my penis (pennis), it gets tilted on the right side. I am afraid whether, I would be able to provide satisfaction to my wife during intercourse or not? 


Slight tilted penis (pennis) is very common and very less could cause any problem during marriage. There is a spongy tissue found in penis (pennis) which contains hollow spaces. Due to the collection of blood in these spongy tissues, erection in penis (pennis) develops. In many tissues, there is no similarity in the spaces of those spongy tissues. Therefore; during erection, the penis (pennis) is tilted naturally towards that side where there is less collection of blood. 

Many people are there who have tilted penis (pennis) at one side. This is not the matter of worry and problem. Since average tilting either on right or left, up or down would never create any problem during intercourse. Also it does not produce any hurdle in the satisfaction for either husband or wife.

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