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What Is The Normal Penile (Pennis) Size At 18 Years Age?

There is no perticular limit for the normal penis size. Different individuals have different sizes. Penis size of any length would be considered normal if it would make the intercourse connection during sexual activity successfully.
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My age is 18 years and I am an unmarried man. I am very much worried about the size of my penis (pennis). It is usually 5 and a half inches during erection while it becomes nearly visible during flaccid state. 


There is a lot of difference in sizes between a flaccid state and erected penis (pennis). In usual the size difference is about 30-50 %, however; in certain conditions the size of penis (pennis) becomes double during certain conditions. Usually the people think that if the penis (pennis) is elongated in the flaccid state then during erection it would be more elongated. Also there is a misconception that if the penis (pennis) is much smaller during flaccid state then it would becomes less erected while erection. 

The average size of erected penis is between 4-6 inches and there is nothing to worry about since your penis size during erection comes in between their range.

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