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Why During Sexual Stimulation Drops Emit From Penis?

Precum drops are natural and healthy substance emitted during sexual stimulation. Precum drops make the urethra slippery and hence prevents frictional injury during sexual intercourse.
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During sexual stimulation, few sticky drops are emitted from my penis. Why does these drops come out during sexual excitement?


The drops you are referring are called as Precum Drops. This is a natural and healthy substance that comes in the form of drops. Precum drops provide the lubrication in the inner lining of inner tube. Precum drops work like reducing friction as oil does between the parts of a machine. Precum drops prevent friction and hence makes the sexual activity more pleasant. 

Some times along with precum drops, sperms also come out. These sperms although less in number are enough to make a woman pregnant. There have been some incidence reported that with out penetration and ejaculation, pregnancy has happened by just intermingling of sexual organs of a man woman.

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