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How To Do Sex And Intercourse For Making Wife Pregnant?

There are different causes which create hurdles in pregnancy. Harmful substances present in vagina, Psychological factors like anxiety etc may produce difficulty in intercourse and hence in pregnancy.
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After intercourse, I and my wife get separated from each other and therefore the semen flows out from her vagina. Perhaps this is the reason, why she doesn't get pregnant in spite of having regular intercourse. I have shown her to a lady doctor, who after her internal examination revealed nothing abnormal. On my semen analysis, it was known that although the sperms are normal in quantity but they are weaker. Please give me suggestion in this context. 


Usually after intercourse, when the penis is taken out, the upper and lower walls of vagina meets together in collapsing manner and large quantity of semen pours out, however; the semen reached at the upper portion of vagina remains there. Therefore, you should not be worried about the flowing out of semen in intercourse. 

Master and Johnson by their research discovered this thing and they believe that a harmful substance is secreted form vagina during intercourse that could waste the sperms promptly. This is a harmful substance and its research is still going on. It is known that the semen possesses such substances which can make the sperms more active while performing intercourse, however; in certain conditions, it is seen that these substances wouldn't make the sperms more active. When this would be the case then one should consult to a doctor. 

Psychological causes like anxiety and frustration would also result in fruitless production and ejaculation of semen while intercourse. Although its real role is still uncertain, but it is an observation that those women who have accepted to become mother after taking or adopting some other child, usually become pregnant after this decision.

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