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Sex Problems Of Married Men - Causes Of Sex Problems Of Married Men

Sexual un satisfaction is a common problem and there are different psychological and physical reasons in married men due to which they remain unable to satisfy their wives sexually. Like anxiety, mental tensions, past events etc.
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I am consulting you with hope that your advice would safe me from this condition through which I am passing. My age is 45 years. I am married and father of four sons. Since one year I have been unable to satisfy my wife sexually. My erection power is keeping on declining day by day and also I am suffering from premature ejaculation. I have reached to this extend that I get sweating and nervousness by just thinking about the sexual contact with my wife. My wife is extremely co-operative and bear the suffering silently, however; she does also have emotions and feelings. Her age is hardly 38 years. I consider myself responsible for her bad condition. 

I have been introduced with sexual pleasure during my youth by an aged woman. At that time I had been having a small shop that possessed the items for women. I am deserving to be called as handsome and woman loving man. I have got a lot of opportunities of kissing and bussing several times and on that I feel pride and pleasure when I do self- glorification. Now it has become my habit which has crossed the limits. In my opinion, these are my habits due to which I have reached to such a disaster. Please guide me in this context, so that I could get rid of these problems and would be able to spend usual domestic life. I would be much thankful to you. 


You have made correct diagnosis of your present worst condition by yourself. Your idea is correct that you are facing the result of your past activities. It happens that you remain continuously, however; partially in sexual stimulation. The unbalanced sexual activity either during conversation, thoughts and physical contact is much harmful. In fact, more dangerous, due to which you remain all the time under tension and hence you get much more blood circulation in your sexual organs. These things create excessive tension. Also the fear and guilt remain always there to enhance this tension. You have to face a nervous battle and your full sexual and nervous systems get badly affected. Your condition at the age of 45 years is really merciful. If you really want to save you from further damages and want to regain your health then you must avoid doing love affairs at every place and must spend a pure life at any cost. You are at the stage where you could be the only one to bring your health back with hard work for strong determination and goodness. If possible then you should change your profession so that you would get fewer chances, to meet with opposite sex. Religious education would strongly be beneficial for you and you would get direct or indirect help. In order to find the way toward merits, it is not impossible at any stage of life.

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