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Sex Sleep Disorder - Why My Wife Falls Asleep During Sexual Activity?

In reality, Some Women attain climax far earlier than Men during sexual activity as a result of that, they get too much relation and get asleep even during the sexual activity.
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My wife has been having a very strange habit since one year. She gets a sleep during sexual activity. Would you believe on it? She starts to snort in real, at the last stages of love making activity and therefore, I get agitation. Is that possible that she doesn't have any interest in the sexual play? 

I wanted to have conversation with her on this context, but she avoided to give answer of this question and just told me that she becomes tired? Tell me what should I do? 


In these conditions any man would feel that his wife doesn't possess any interest in the sexual activity. However; the real incidence is totally opposite to these thoughts. In reality, what happens that your wife attains climax far earlier than you during sexual activity as a result of that, she gets too much relation that she gets asleep even during the sexual activity. Those women develop these trends that are some what obese and remain busy in house hold chores through out the day. As far as your case in concerned, you are advised to avoid foreplay before intercourse. Also apply less pressure over her clitoris during sexual activity so that excessive movements could be avoided. By doing this she would attain orgasm late as compared to earlier also the relaxation and tiredness that she would attain after intercourse would also be delayed. 

In actual you should make your time short and her time delayed, so that both of you would reach to the orgasm at the same time. By doing this not only you problem would be resolved but also both of you would get a lot of pleasure. 

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