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Does Vagina Of A Widow Shrink Like Virgin?

A widow does have shrunken vagina like virgin. Good foreplay would minimize the problems like early ejaculation and erection problems of husband.
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My age is 45 years. My first wife has died. Now I want to marry with a widow but who doesn't have children. I have come to know that a widow would have shrunken vagina like a virgin. I am afraid that at this age when there is no such power in sexual organs, would I be able to fulfill the responsibilities and demands of marital life. Your guidance would be highly appreciated. 


If a woman becomes widow or a married woman doesn't indulge in sexual activity, then her vaginal muscles get shrunken definitely like a virgin. Therefore; it seems like that her vagina has become smaller as like as a virgin has. Don't worry foreplay before intercourse would develop lubricants inside the vagina. Continue this foreplay with patience up to some times, and then you would find the sexual intercourse much easier and pleasant. 

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