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Sexual Interest Arousal Disorder: Causes And Reasons Of Lack Of Sexual Interest In Men

Sexual interest arousal disorder and lack of sexual interest in intercourse in men could be due to so many reasons. Mostly after marriage, men and women remain to play their part other than husband and wife and keep themselves busy in fast moving life.
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My age is 36 years. I got married eight years back and I have three children. My problem is that I have lost sexual desire and interest in intercourse as I have been having before. I have taken part in the love making activity enthusiastically before marriage, but after marriage I didn't maintain any extramarital relations. My wife has average face beauty, however; she has much obliging and obedient nature. In spite of that I am not unsatisfied with her in any respect. Even with extreme attempts, I remain unable to have with her needed sexual desire and interest in love and intercourse.

I can't understand what has happened with me in this early age that with out reasons and causes and  why my interest in intercourse is going down. 

This is another dilemma that my wife has doubts on my faith and she thinks that I am in love with some other woman. Therefore; I am facing double jeopardy and I am not finding any way out from these problems. I am contacting you since I want to get escape from my mental anxiety and spiritual pain. 


The problem of lack of interest in intercourse or in other words sexual interest arousal disorder is more complicated in a healthy, young and married person as compared to the estimate. The reasons and causes for this declining interest in intercourse and disorder of sexual interest arousal could be the fast moving life. Some times a man avoids the sexual activities and intercourse since he gets not ready for intercourse and love making activity due to the decline in sexual interest and sexual interest arousal disorder. While spending the common domestic life after few years many of the people become fond of seeing the dresses of women in spite of visualizing the other program and having dinner. In our way of life, a wife after becoming mother of few children remains to play the role of mother only. As it is clear from your letter, your problem is simple, related to the lack or decline in sexual interest. For the reversal of emotions and as the treatment for sexual interest arousal disorder, you need to take rest, enjoyment and to change the environment by keeping away yourself from your house and business. Make sure your wife that you don't have extramarital relations.

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