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How To Make Wife Ready For Sexual Pleasure, Happiness And Orgasm

For getting more sexual pleasure, happiness, orgasm and excitement, husband and wife must participate in sexual activity. Remaining silent would decrease sexual pleasure, happiness and orgasm for both of them.
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My wife's age is 25 years and we got married 5 and half years back. We have three children. During intercourse my wife doesn't move and remain silent. It could be the reason why she finds difficult to attain orgasm. Some times I have to work hard to bring her at the level of orgasm. What should I do in this context? 


This is utmost necessary for a woman to be involved practically in a sexual activity. The open- hearted participation in showing sexual desire even though, it would be for the pleasure and happiness of other partner, would definitely increase the individual's ability for showing the impaction. When we play a role, then we would feel this role emotionally. Not only the brain impacts the body but also body could produce effects on brain. If a person would perform a thing consistently in a similar pattern, then after some times it would become his nature and then he starts to get pleasure and happiness in performing it.

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