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How To Increase Breasts Size And To Get Rid Of Body Hairs?

Some of the women do have a lot of hairs on the body. With hormonal therapy, these hairs couldn't be vanished as well. Consult a good lady doctor for your problem.
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My age is 20 years. Although I am quite healthy, however; I don't have good shape of my breasts, means they don't have good protrusions. Therefore; I went into inferiority complex. Also I do have a lot of hairs on the body. Whether I need to have hormonal therapy? Whether hormonal treatment could re-create the shape of breasts? 


No your question seems that you don't need any hormonal treatment. Hormonal treatment can't increase the breasts shape. Some of the women do have a lot of hairs on the body. With hormonal therapy, these hairs couldn't be vanished as well. Consult a good lady doctor for your problem. There are certain exercises for the beauty of breasts (few of them are given below). Do these exercises and consult any beautician for hair removal. 

Exercise No: 1 

Lie down on your back and extend your arms perpendicular to your body in such a way that your body would make T shape. Now hold some weight in both hands and bring them up until the two weights meet each other above in the air. 

Exercise No: 2 (Push ups): 

 This is the most popular technique and even being practiced in the gym by men for body building purpose. The aim of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles of pectoral region or breast region. Since the breasts are made up of adipose tissues or fats, by giving strains on them, they get re-shaped. In order to perform this exercise, a lady should kneel down on the floor, and then she has to place the palms of her hands over the floor as well. Keeping her head straight, she has to pull her chest down in such a way that her arms become parallel to the floor. Once achieving this position, she would lift up her chest again to the original position. Repeat it again for 10-15 times. Initially she might get difficulty in doing this exercise, however; with the passage of time it would become easier. She can increase the numbers of push ups according to her power and feasibility. With in few days she would observe dramatic change in her breasts shape

Exercise No: 3 

Stretch right arm in front of your body. Now bring this extended arm across the other side toward you by your left arm. Repeat the same process with the left arm. 

Exercise No 4: 

Contract both arms just like you are pressing them against your body. In this way in actual you would give pressure over the breasts. This exercise could be done even at front of the people or in the parties, since no one would get the idea that you are re-shaping your breasts. 

Exercise No: 5 

Lift the chest and then squeeze it with your both shoulders. This exercise would give prompt results 

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