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Unable To Ejaculate During Intercourse - Causes And Solution

Psychologically a man could become unable to ejaculate at intercourse. This could be another form of Impotence. If a man becomes unable to ejaculate at intercourse, then he should see a psychologist or psychiatrist.
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My cousin is facing a very strange problem. He has got married six months back. He says that with extreme struggle during sexual play I couldn't be able to ejaculate the semen in side the vagina. He says that at some times, he has tried two to three times in a day, but always remained unsuccessful. His wife becomes tired but his erection doesn't end. I have never heard this type of things in my life. How does it happen? 


Your cousin's problem is unique. Physically it seems like a sexual problem. In reality, it is the shape of impotence that a person remains unable to ejaculate at intercourse. Although this thing happens rarely, this is called psychogenic aspermia. In this instance, psychiatrist should be consulted.

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