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Undescended Testes (Cryptorchidisim): Age Of Surgery In Babies

Cryptorchidisim is a condition in which testes remain undescended at birth. After two years of age, the undescended testes are brought down via surgery.
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After ten years of marriage, my sister-in-law has got a baby but we had been shocked to see that his scrotum was empty and didn't possess testes. What is that matter and what is its treatment? 


When the baby is in side the mother's womb, his testes are undescended and are present in his tummy. At the seventh month of pregnancy, these testes descend into the scrotum. If the testes don't descend, then this condition is called as Cryptorchidism. In Cryptorchidisim or undescended testes, the testes, although could produce the male reproductive hormones but they can't generate sperms since the high body temperature in tummy which is more than the temperature of scrotum doesn't allow the production of sperms. The sperms could neither be produced at this high temperature nor could they survive. The internal temperature of scrotum is 4 degrees lesser than the temperature of the body and this temperature is appropriate for the production and growth of sperms. 

The undescended testes are brought down into the scrotum via surgery if they don't descent naturally. This surgery should be performed as early as the second year of life and should not be delayed up till the age of five years so that the production of sperms would not be delayed.

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