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Do Women Have Wet Dreams And Night Fall Like Men?

Women and females like men also get wet dreams and night fall. As like the erection of penis in men their clitoris is enlarged during this episode.
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Wet dreams are common in men. What is the matter with a woman or females? Whether females or women also get concupiscence,orgasm, night fall and wet dreams like men while sleeping? 


The Electro-Encephalographic study revealed that there are two forms of sleep. First one is REM or rapid eye movement. In that during sleep, the eye balls moves rapidly. This is also called as Dreams sleep. The other type of sleep is termed as Non-REM. REM sleep comprised of 20-25 minutes. It is usual that the women and females and men get concupiscence only during REM phase of sleep. As a result of that a man gets erection of penis and some times followed by ejaculation. If this would happen, it will be called as wet dreams. Women and females also get same condition, in that the clitoris enlarges and the vagina goes wet. 

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